Saturday, May 05, 2007

Camp Horizons and Beyond

Here it is -- my first real campsite!

Yesterday I finally hitched and unhitched -- pretty easy, really. I hitched 3 times and "hit the mark" each time. Unhitching is even easier.

I drove the hitched fiver around for a while (with my "guru" Mike), and that was pretty easy, too. A bit more attention needed, but not hard. The really hard part comes in backing and turning. I know, I just need practice!

While I was on the test drive, I had to come to a stop because -- and I am not making this up -- there was a turkey in the road.

This was a female, crossing the street to check out a male who was proudly fanning his tail to get her attention. I'm sure he was a real hottie in Turkeyville.

I also got DirectTV installed at Camp Horizons (the parking lot at New Horizons where we stayed). Then, for Friday night, I moved to the campground at Milford Lake (photo above) which is a few miles away. My first real campsite! It was nice and woodsy. My DirectTV did not work because there were trees to the north that blocked the signal. My internet connection was dog slow, and I kept loosing the connection (I took my cell phone a few feet away and I was in an area with "no connection"). I didn't feel like changing the connections to try to watch TV with the antenna ("probably would have been no channels anyways" I said to myself peevishly), so I had a pleasant evening basically unplugged. I actually heard what I think is a whippoorwill as night fell.

Today I drove almost 250 miles, and got gas while hitched, twice (I have been dreading this, picturing the fiver taking out a pump or two because I didn't turn widely enough). Tonight I am in a campsite in Columbia, MO, and have sat TV and a fast internt connection. Yippee!

I'll miss the trees and the whippoorwill, though.

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