Saturday, May 12, 2007

On My Way Back

The Life on Wheels (LOW) conference was jam packed with great information. We attended 10 classes of our choice, and there were many times I wanted to clone myself so I could go to more than one at the same time! I opted for a lot of the safety classes. One, on fire safety, was particularly impressive -- and scary. I've upgraded my extinguishers and alarms now.

My refrigerator is subject to a massive recall. Anyone seen Murphy lurking in the shadows? While it CAN be used on electric before it is fixed, propane is a no-no. Murphy hits again -- the kits a dealer will use to fix it are not yet available. So I opted to turn it off. If I can't get it fixed before June, I'll use a cooler until I can.

Tonight I am staying, for the first time, in a free "boondock." This one is the Flying J at exit 185, just inside Kentucky. So far so good! The lot is well lit, food is close, and I can gas up and use the dump station in the morning. Tomorrow I should be back in Maryland.

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