Thursday, May 03, 2007

Status Report

Weather: Rainy, cloudy, rainy, then misty.
Exciting News: My first pension check came right on time! I have income!
Lessons Learned: Basics of switching between gas and electric power, how to use a dump station (OJT tomorrow), how to read oddly foreign monitor panels, and how to take a quick, water saving shower. This is a sampling from a long list of stuff. I feel like I'm back in school.
Accomplishment: Taking a propane tank to the Place Where They Sell Propane, having it filled ($19), bringing it back, and installing it -- all with NO ASSISTANCE. Am I cool or what?
Tomorrow: I learn hitching, unhitching, leveling and ... driving. Look out Junction City! The guy next to me will be driving his rig (39 feet to my 23) for the first time tomorrow, too. I offered to drag race with him in our rigs, but oddly he said no. Maybe I can practice doing donuts in the WalMart parking lot instead...

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