Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life On Wheels

I have finished the Life on Wheels (LOW) pre-conference newbie sessions. I learned a lot, and it was great being around lots of people who knew about what I did (or less!). I actually crawled under the rig to check a fluid level. That was quite scary at first, but now I feel I can do anything!

I have now moved to the conference lot, where I am totally boondocking (no hookups of any kind) for the first time. When I was at New Horizons, I didn't have a water hookup (and lived off the water in the tank), but I could refill the tank at any time. I have had an electric hookup every night. Now I have to live off the battery, propane, and the water in the tank. I figure this will be a good test -- I don't have any real idea of how long everything lasts, but I am still in the middle of civilization if something doesn't go right.

The conference kicks off at 4:00 today, and then the sessions start tomorrow. More and more to learn!


Valerie said...

Have fun with your boondocking!!! It will be interesting to hear how long things last!

Sounds like you really hit paydirt with this conference and the LOW part - lucky you to get an RV and have all these lessons and the conference right away!!

Merlin and Morgan send their meows and purrs!

Tom & Kim said...

Now all you need is a tattoo -"Born to Fulltime". Plus a Larry the Cable Guy CD to play when you have no Direct TV.