Monday, November 05, 2007

Settled in Livingston

I'm now in Livingston, Texas, where I plan to be for a couple weeks. During this time, I'm going to do all those things I need to do to officially change my domicile to Texas.

What I learned on my way here is that there are a lot of pickup trucks in Texas, and some people put their dogs, unsecured, in the bed of the truck. I saw one dog standing on the tool box so he was actually higher than the top of the truck's bed, and another slipping around in the truck's bed with the tailgate down. Either could have bounced out of the truck, and the trucks were going 70 miles per hour. All I can say is, "Doggone!"

There is a lot to do at the campground -- a daily social hour, line dancing, bus trips to a nearby casino, bingo, and jam sessions, just to name a few. The weather has been lovely -- highs around 80 degrees. The weather forecast is calling for a cold spell for the next two days, however -- the highs will only be 68 degrees ... so how come I'm not feeling sympathy waves flowing in my direction?


Froggi Donna said...

Hey gal, I hope to be heading that way before the week is out. Of course as soon as I get there I have to rent a car and make a quick trip to SD to get my drivers license.

There is snow forecast here in Elkhart tonight...temps down to 30 Tues & Wed mornings. Can you say BRRRRR?

Hope to see you in Livingston!

O. B. Sirius said...

I almost made that same trip to SD, but I settled on Texas and... today I am a Texan!!!

Look for me at site 83.

Can't wait to catch up!


Hey, right on schedule, eh?