Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Location: Livingston, Texas

I'm still here in Livingston -- I've gotten my "real" driver's license, but I'm waiting for the registrations. The weather has been cold and rainy -- and I can hear some snorting from those of you who think by cold I mean 60 degrees -- but it really has been cold: down comforter for the bed and a hat and mittens for the body. The lows have been in the 30s, the highs in the 50s, and those temps have been accompanied by a cold, relentless rain -- once the rain even turned to hail, and it was VERY LOUD on my aluminum roof. The rain has now passed through, and the temps are going up a bit. The sun was bright and shiny today, and it sure felt good!

My day usually begins with an hour and a half of line dancing, and it gets me up and going. As a community service, the group dances once a week at area nursing homes, and, for the first time, today I went along. We all dressed in white pants and a red top, and did about 8 dances -- some to oldies like Chattanooga Choo Choo, and some to contemporary cowboy songs like "He Drinks Tequila (And She Talks Dirty In Spanish)". The residents seemed to have a good time!

During the day I do the fun stuff like going to Wally World or working on images, and then at 4 P.M. we all meet for social hour where we find out what is going on in the park. Then a movie in the evening, or a game of Rummykub, Dominos, or cards, and then back to bed so I can get up and start again.

There you have a synopsis of Life in Livingston!

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