Saturday, March 15, 2008

3 Months Later...

Location: Livingston, TX

Click for Larger Image of Habitat HouseThree months ago to the day, I participated in the first day of a Livingston Habitat for Humanity build. At that time, all that was there was a slab, onto which we put bright pink boards after they had been nailed together to form the skeleton of the walls. Work has progressed while I was in Florida, and look what it looks like now! But there is still finishing to be done -- so I showed up for another day of work (at 7:30, which is now almost the middle of the night to me!).

Click for Larger Image of DoorsThe floor is still the same slab, but all the inner walls are up and covered with wallboard. What looked like a tiny slab has now been transformed into a three bedroom house. The rooms are small, but not overly so. Somehow, the total space seems much bigger now than it did when it was just a slab. Today we touched up the paint on the outside, hung inside doors, caulked joints and installed molding.

Click for Larger Image of CabinetsOf the three Habitat houses in a row that are being built simultaneously, the one to our left (the Methodists') is finished and we are about even with the one to our right (the Christian Motorcyclists'). The motorcyclists' house already has the kitchen cabinets installed, so I snuck over and took a picture. They are very nice indeed.

Click for Larger Image of LunchLunch was provided by a local church, and was a welcome break. The next two days will see dirt and sod for the lawn delivered, and then all that will be left is the plumbing and final touches inside. The deadline is March 30 -- all three houses will be dedicated then, and the happy homeowners can start to move in.

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