Monday, March 31, 2008

Habitat for Humanity Dedication

Click for Larger Image of Escapee's HouseThe houses that had their beginnings here were dedicated on March 30, and two of the three are ready for their new owners to move in! The third (our house, of course) has a few remaining items to be completed. The outside is done, even though it doesn't look it -- the sod was laid in alternating squares as a money saver, and it will fill in before long. The kitchen cabinets are being delivered within a day, and then the final interior work can be completed.

Click for Larger Image of DedicationDedication day began just like the first day of construction did -- rain, wind, and the threat of damaging thunderstorms. But the rain had pushed off to the north just in time for the 3:00 o'clock ceremony, and the dedication proceeded as planned. Onlookers crowded the street outside the homes, a film crew set up in a "cherry picker," and the recipient families and their guests excitedly moved from house to crowd until the ceremony began. After thanks, prayers, and songs, the families accepted the keys to their new homes, and then they each planted a symbolic tree on their new property.

Click for Larger Image of Motorcycle Association houseThere are three houses side-by-side that were built concurrently, and all were dedicated together. One house was built by a Methodist group, one by the Christian Motorcycle Association, and the middle house by Escapees. The tract of land donated to Habitat is large enough for as many as forty houses. The slab for the next one will be poured soon, and it will sit directly across Wood Road (soon to be renamed Miracle Drive) from these three. It should be done in the summer.

I bookended this project -- I was here for the first day of the build, and also the dedication. I saw how a little bit of sweat and effort can turn a bare piece of land into a home, and how compassion and caring can make someone's dream come true. I'm glad I was able to be a part of this.

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