Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ball of Confusion

"Ball of Confusion... that's what the world is today"

-- The Temptations

Today was the beginning of daylight savings time (DST). Last week, I traveled from Florida to Alabama, crossing from the Eastern Time Zone to the Central Time Zone. I knew the switch to DST was coming, so I didn't change my watch or car clock to match my new time zone. Now that DST has arrived, my watch and car clock are again correct with no action on my part. My computer, which I also did not change, was wrong -- it needed to have the time zone updated. When the first weekend of April comes, things that think DST still starts then will "spring ahead," and I'll have to change them back. Unless, of course, I've moved another time zone. In that case, maybe I'll be an hour ahead, maybe I'll be an hour behind, or maybe it will all be a draw -- I'll figure it out then, because now it just makes my head hurt thinking about it. Good thing I don't have too many things to do that require being on time!

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