Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Heart Wally World

"Wally World" is the unofficial nickname for the largest public corporation by revenue, the largest private employer in the world, the largest toy retailer, and the largest grocery retailer. Officially known Wal-Mart, it is fast becoming America's Everything Store. You can love or hate them, but ignoring them is not an option.

RVers tend to fall on the "love them" side -- most Wal-Marts generously let us park in their lots overnight (for which we try to repay them by shopping), and they are dependably nearby when we need some consistency in our purchases (prescriptions, for example).

Click for Larger Image of Shiner BockWhile I do understand, and sometimes agree with the arguments against Wal-Mart, today I found another reason to love them -- I was buying a six pack of Shiner Bock, (brewed in Shiner, Texas, population 2,070, and the "passion of the original brewmeister, Kosmos Spoetzl"), when something happened that has not happened for approximately 30 years. I don't know exactly when it last happened -- it's hard for me to recall the last time an event took place if I didn't reserve the necessary brain cells for remembering it -- and, not knowing it was the last time, I foolishly squandered those brain cells for some other purpose (probably flirting with this guy named Rich or struggling to solve a Rubiks Cube, both of which ultimately resulted in the same degree of satisfaction). But 30 years sounds about right for the last time I was carded.

Yes, I was asked for ID to purchase an alcoholic beverage! Now, Wal-Mart's policy is to card anyone who is 40 or under, but I am 3 days from my 56th birthday! I told the clerk who was carding me that she is now my "new best friend," and I plan to visit her line every time I am purchasing alcohol! For some reason, I didn't seem to make her day even though she made mine.

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Friday at noon my son & I were at the TGI Friday at Tampa Airport. When I ordered a bottle of my favorite beer Newcastle Brown Ale, I was asked to show my ID. However, I didn't feel as good about it as you did, because the sign by the door said: "We card everyone".