Saturday, March 08, 2008

Two Friends, Two Toads, Too Totalled

Here are a few miscellaneous images from Florida:

I met two RV friends, Valerie and Allaine, and we lunched at Disney where they both work -- and had a marvelous and fun afternoon. This photo was taken by one of the Disney photographers. Valerie is on my right, and Allaine on my left:

Click for Larger Image of Valerie, ZoAnn, Allaine

In the RV world, cars that are towed behind another vehicle are often called "toads." Here are two toads and the signs their owners put on their spare tire covers:

Click for Larger Image of Car In Tow  Click for Larger Image of I Go Where I'm Towed

And finally, this truck hauling totalled vehicles pulled up at a truck stop where I had stopped for the night. There was a car on a carrier the cab, one in back on a dolly, and this truck on the flatbed. If you can't read the logo on the door, it says, "Highway Safety Devices." I hope they worked!

Click for Larger Image of Highway Safety Devices Truck

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Anonymous said...

You have a good idea for the unusual (banged up truck) as well as the beautiful (nature photos). Keep it up.