Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back On My Feet!

My doctor's appointment didn't happen until today -- there were two bad traffic accidents yesterday, and he was in surgery all day fixing the unlucky. But today he was there -- and I went to the appointment hoping that I would be cleared to put weight on my foot, but, at the same time, afraid to get too hopeful in case the verdict was "not yet."

To my extreme joy, the X-Rays were fine and I can pretty much do anything I want, walking-wise, letting "pain be my guide." I expect to continue to use the walker until I feel steadier, but at least I don't have to hop anymore! And joy of joys -- I can sleep without the boot!!!

Here are my X-Rays -- two from the day of the accident (the first one before the dislocation was fixed), and today's:

August 3, 2008:

Click for Larger Image of X-Ray

August 3, 2008:

Click for Larger Image of X-Ray

September 17, 2008:

Click for Larger Image of X-Ray


Mary Persall and Jerry Persall said...

Nice pics! Glad you got to finally see them in an "emotion recollected in tranquility" fashion. They bring back stark memories for me since I stood next to your doctor and had them explained at the time of the accident.

Be gentle with it fdor awhile.


My prayers were effective! See that? :P