Sunday, September 28, 2008

Medical Update

I have now gotten rid of the walker, and am just using a cane for balance. I still wear the boot when walking, and some days are better than others -- but I can definitely see progress! I can't walk far, yet, but I can, for example, walk into a store like Target or Wal-Mart, and then use the electric scooter to get around from there. My biggest problem is getting my ankle to bend far enough -- it's at about 90 degrees now, which is fine for "flat footing," but I need a bit more flexibility to really walk. I go to physical therapy twice a week -- and it can seem like torture, but it really helps -- and do my home exercises every day.

Besides the obvious desire to be back on my feet, so to speak, there is another incentive for me to work hard at my recovery -- the Colorado weather, while still hot and summery during the day, cools off at night and the feeling of fall is everywhere. Some leaves are turning, and the squirrels are madly looking for nuts. My rig, still in storage, is not winterized. So the time to make the move further south is almost here, and I want to be mobile when we go. If all goes well, the next stop will be the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque in early October.

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