Wednesday, September 03, 2008


(The visit to the BROADMOOR, outside Colorado Springs, actually happened August 30 -- I have been in the Colorado mountains for two days, without phone or Internet access! Those of you who know me understand what a trial this has been.)

Click for Larger Image of Me and my New WheelsI Have Wheels!

Up until now, my range of mobility has been to and from the places I could get to with my walker -- bedroom to bathroom, infrequently to the car for medical appointments, and, in John's rig, anywhere from the bedroom to the front seat to a short trip to the patio. But I now have a transport chair -- sort of like a wheel chair, except the back wheels are small, just like the front wheels. But now I can go out with John, who seems happy to push me around (at least physically), and I can get to all those wheelchair accessible places!

Click for Larger Image of Front of the BroadmoorFor my first outing, John took me to BROADMOOR, a fabulous 5-star resort just outside of Colorado Springs. He wheeled me around the lake, where we saw a wedding
in progress, swans and other waterfowl on the lake, and lots of rich folks on vacation. There is a huge swimming pool next to the lake, for members and guest only. It started to sprinkle while were there, and -- I am not making this up -- a woman and her daughter left the pool, in their bathing suits, an umbrella carefully held over their heads to keep all the "bad" rainwater off their suits!

Click for Larger Image of Broadmoor GroundsThe current BROADMOOR was built in 1918, and was a destination resort for the upper class, the access provided primarily by the railroad. Its facilities have always been first class-- for example, it once had an ice arena that hosted the World Figure Skating Championship five times between 1959 and 1975. It now has 700 rooms, 15 restaurants and cafes, a world-class spa, three 18-hole golf courses and the third-highest rated tennis facility in the nation. We took in the celebrity wall, and believe me -- everyone who is/was anyone has stayed here.

Click for Larger Image of Broadmoor InsideSo what's with that little A in their name? Depends on who you ask. Their website says, "The raised "A" in The BROADMOOR name came about in order to render the name unique, since it has been in use since the late 1800s and therefore could not be copyrighted." The unofficial rumor explains it this way: When the resort was built, its biggest rival and competitor, although in a friendly way, was a resort named The Antlers. Just to provide a bit of 'gotcha,' the owner of the BROADMOOR made sure that the "A" in Broadmoor would always be smaller than the other letters. You decide which explanation you like better.

We also had lunch at the BROADMOOR, my first restaurant outing that did not involve a drive through and the option to supersize. I had a Cobb Salad, and yes, it was wonderful!

Click for Larger Image of John's New RideAs we walked the grounds, we came upon this Bentley. I had to take this photo of John next to his "new ride," but --- don't tell him I told you -- the car was for sale, and his body is covering the sticker which was $250,000. We would have had to turn it down, anyway -- I doubt it can be towed behind his motorhome!

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ladynomad said...

I love the Broadmoor. I lived in the area for several years and loved coming down to tour the grounds. Did you go to the zoo? They have the neatest zoo there in Colorado Springs. Glad to hear your ankle is healing.