Wednesday, August 27, 2008


You met Mu yesterday when she said goodbye to me as I got ready to leave Mary and Jerry's. Here she is again. Mu and I discovered that we are Olympic-quality athletes when it comes to playing "chase-the-laser-red-dot." I held the pointer, slowly moving the bright red dot over the bed, the floor or the wall. Mu chased it, attacking and pouncing as needed, pausing frequently to assess the situation. Sometimes the dot cames to rest directly on her paw, which meant it's decision time -- is it proper to pounce on one's own body parts? or would it be better to just wait and stare, knowing that the dot will eventually move on? And so the game went, but somewhere along the way Mu seemed to develop an obsession -- she would return hours after the game ended to search the last area in which the dot was seen. She clawed under blankets and pillows to see if the dot had sunk through the cloth and still lurked underneath. She would then walk up to me, meow pointedly, and tap me with her paw. If the red dot didn't appear, she would disgustedly leave, tail high in the air. It was a gold medal performance!

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous picture! Reminds me of the one you took of Merlin.
Merlin is not so happy to see you snuggling with another kitty!