Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doctor's UnReport

My second doctor's appointment, to remove the staples holding my incisions from separating, was scheduled for this afternoon. Sometimes things just don't work out as planned.

When I need to go to a doctor's appointment, it is a bit of a production. Since I only have a walker, and not crutches, getting down the fight of stairs from my bedroom to street-level is my first hurdle. I have to do that sitting down, then scoot across a couple feet of floor to two more steps, then scoot across a few more feet to the final three steps to the outside -- all the time holding my leg up. I can't see getting up and down repeatedly on the walker for those few feet of level floor between the steps, so I just stay down. Back to the walker for the distance from the back door to the car, where I sit sideways on the back seat. When we get to the doctor's office, I have someone go in and get a wheelchair for the time I'm there.

So, today, everything was going more or less to plan. I scooted down the stairs on my butt, got to the car, got in, and off Jerry, Mary, and I went. I even had lunch out -- admittedly, it was a Sonic, where they bring the food to your car, but it was still eating out! Then we left for the doctor's office. Mary went in to get the wheelchair, and it seemed to take a long time. Finally she came out with news instead of a chair -- both elevators in the building were out -- and my doctor is on the 5th floor. There was no way I could get up 5 flights of stairs, so my appointment was rescheduled for Thursday.

There are two bright sides to this:

  • I'm getting two rides this week! (I feel like the family doggie here, getting all excited about "goin' for a ride" only to find the vet is at the other end) and
  • At least I wasn't stuck on the 5th floor when the elevators went out, unable to get myself back down.
Assuming my appointment happens on Thursday, I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, back to my computer, my books (currently John Adams by David McCullough and The Disunited States by Harry Turtledove, the latter on my new Kindle) , and the Olympics, which have been a marvelous preoccupation to help pass the time.

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And I was about to invite you to go on an all expenses paid hiking trip to Hawaii next week. Oh, well...