Monday, September 08, 2008

Ouray to Silverton

The road from Ouray, Colorado to Silverton, Colorado, also named the "Million Dollar Highway," will take you across the San Juan Mountains' Red Mountain Pass and through amazing mountain scenery. The twenty-some miles will take about an hour -- and that's without the photo stops! In addition to the fabulous mountain views, groves of quaking aspens are everywhere, and they must be breathtaking when their leaves have turned to gold in the fall.

Both towns still show evidence of their mining past -- Ouray at it's peak had 30 silver and gold mines, while Silverton was a silver mining camp.

As usual, click for a larger image:

The City of Ouray, located in a box canyon of the San Juan Mountains -- also called "The Switzerland of America:"Click for Larger Image of Ouray Box Canyon
Contemporary Ouray solution to living on the hillside:Click for Larger Image of Two Story House
The Red Mountains (two of three peaks):Click for Larger Image of Red Mountains
Mountain scenery near the pass:Click for Larger Image of Mountain Pass
Abandoned mining house with curtains painted on the window covers:Click for Larger Image of House With Painted Windows
Downtown Silverton, Colorado:Click for Larger Image of Silverton

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Richard said...

Great photos!! The shed and landscape shots are my favorite.