Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bar Harbor

Location: Trenton, ME

Later this week, we will be off on our second Tailgunner experience for Tracks to Adventure. This one will take us through the Maritime Provinces of Canada -- Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador. We have now made it as far as Trenton, ME, which is the rendezvous point.

Lobster pounds are everywhere here. They are small seafood restaurants where lobsters (and other shellfish) are selected from a vat of the crustaceans, placed in large net bags, then dropped into wood-fired pots of boiling water. "Eating in" means taking the lobster, butter, and borrowed "nut-crackers" to a picnic table under a canopy. Taking it "to go" means the extremely hot lobster is wrapped in newspaper and placed in a plastic grocery bag. Here is one of the employees removing cooked lobsters from the pots:

Bar Harbor is only a few miles away, and we spent the afternoon there yesterday. I found it to be a cross between Duvall Street in Key West and the piers in San Francisco - trendy shops with clever names nestled next to lobster, clam, and oyster eateries all up and down the waterfront. Plus lots of ice cream places -- I tried the Maine Blueberry Gelato. Yummy!

John made a new friend -- the quintessential Bar Harborite!

Another few days here to get everything ready, do some last minute shopping, and meet the Trackers -- then off to Canada for 33 days!


Bella said...

Your blog seems to be very interesting...I loved the pictures, I'll take a better look in all the posts later :)

Take care

Florida Marine said...

I was in Bar Harbor 2 weeks ago. I camped at Acadia National Park - beautiful campground! No water, no electric. The best part? The FREE, dog-friendly shuttles that take you all over the island! I'll be back!

Richard said...

Really enjoying your blog. Maine is the only state in the union that I have not spent time in -- so I am a bit envious. Keep up the good work.