Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cape Breton Highlands

Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia

Yesterday we spent the day touring the Cape Breton Highlands -- an area filled with winding mountain roads, abundant wildlife, and drop-dead gorgeous scenery. Reminiscent of Big Sur, the coastal cliffs were high and dramatic, with pounding waves below and a ribbon of road snaking along the highlands.

Along the trip we saw bald eagles, finback whales, and moose. This cow and her baby were quite a distance away, but I managed to get this picture of them using a telephoto lens.

We stopped at an odd tourist attraction called Joe's Scarecrow Farm -- a huge circle of all manner of dressed figures, ready for ... who knows what. Watch the 34-second video to see the entire circle. Lots of people had their photos taken with them, and John found another doppelganger!

The 14-hour ferry crossing to Newfoundland is tonight. Of course, it is cold and windy today -- but I have my Dramamine, and I know how to use it!


Anonymous said...

Hey John.. is that a Mr Magoo face you have while looking at that politian?.... hahaha great picture Z so great... i told u this was quite the place. hey. glad you stopped by and are enjoying your trip immencly.
birdladydeb :>)

Cookies Travels said...

The scarecrow looks like John..Oh wait that is John!!
Hope your enjoying your trip