Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bay of Fundy at Low Tide

Location: New Brunswick, CA

The Bay of Fundy with it's high, high tides has some very interesting sights during low tide when all the things that are otherwise hidden are visible:

Reversing Falls:

When the Saint John River hits the Bay at low tide, it cascades at the inlet like any river higher than the Bay would. But at high tide things change dramatically -- the amount of tidal water causes the Bay to be higher than the river, and the tidal waters actually force the river's water to flow backward. Hence the name "Reversing Falls," although you need to stick around for a long time to see the full cycle.

Boats in Alma, New Brunswick:

The term, "high and dry" comes to mind!

Hopewell Rocks (or Flower Pot Rocks):

These rocks have been subjected to the action of the waves for thousands of years, and now the bottoms are really starting to show their age! When the tide is out, it is possible to literally walk among them on the ocean floor. See the little people down there?

The park lets you know how much time you have before you will be stranded as the ocean rises -- today getting out by 6:40 was a really good idea.

Down on the bottom, rangers create stone art at each low tide, balancing rocks one on the other until the incoming tide topples them. The secret, or so they say, is to balance the pointy rocks on somewhat rough ones. Yeah, I'm sure that's all there is to it! Two rangers did all this in less than an hour and a half.

While this has nothing to do with low tide, this is one big lobster we had for lunch! John and I split this one claw, and still have the other claw and the tail to fill up one fantastic doggie bag!


Diana said...

Beautiful shots -- I have always wanted to see the Reversing Falls.

Anonymous said...

ow you are in my family's territory. I have ancestors who farmed in the Hopewell area. Thanks for the photos!