Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill On The Way

Location: West Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hurricane Bill has forced a bit of a change in our plans.

Today, Saturday, was to be an off day. On Sunday we were supposed to travel 150 miles from Peggy's Cove to Sherbrooke along the Nova Scotia coast, but Bill had a huge bulls eye fixed on Halifax, just in between the two. So we moved 30 miles inland today, to the western side of Halifax, where we will ride out the storm that should start this evening. This not only gets us away from the tidal surges on the coast, but also keeps us all off the road during the expected high winds. We'll be skipping Sherbrooke, and on Monday will catch up with our itinerary by driving to Bras d'Or.

I have not been able to post anything lately as we have not had an Internet connection. If I still have one after Bill passes through, I'll let you know how it goes!

On the lighter side, we took a day trip to Halifax yesterday. In the harbor was this cute little boat named Theodore Tug that took the kiddies for a ride in the harbor:

Remind you of anyone you know?

Thanks for being a good sport, John!

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Roadrunner said...

Stay safe and keep us informed. Cute picture.