Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today, May June 10, we made it to Banff.  What a beautiful place!  I have been here twice before – once as a teenager, and once again in 2004.  

As we drove through the park, we saw 7 bears: 2 solos, a sow with a single cub, and a sow with twins.  The ranger had warned us that a “bear jam” (cars backed up with gawkers) might be happening because she had received a report of a bear sighting, but she apparently didn’t know that they were out in droves this morning.

There are some physical addresses in this world that are envied and sought after:  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 10 Downing Street, and 221B Baker Street come to mind.  But we found four lucky property owners in the city of Banff who have a location at an intersection that I would LOVE to call mine.  Here are the four corner photos:

corner4 corner1 corner2 corner3So what’s the big deal, you say?  Well, Banff has named most of their streets after local animals, such as Wolf, Elk, Beaver, and Cougar.  These four lucky property owners live – unbelievably – on the corner of Moose and Squirrel!  MOOSE and SQUIRREL!

JohnandsignsignI wonder if they realize how special they are?

After lunch, we headed to the Banff Gondola where an 8-minute sky ride took us to 7486 feet and an amazing view of  the mountains and valleys.

gondolaJohnandzoeMoose and Squirrel, and a couple of their friends, all want to say “Welcome to Canada, eh?”

hellobanff   At least one more day in this area before we head further north. 


lowcarbon said...

Moose and squirrel! I love it. "There's that same town again, Rock" - NOT!

BTW, you said May where I think you meant June.

Best, Craig

O. B. Sirius said...

Thanks for the comment, and the correction -- can't believe how many times I read that and just mentally skipped over the "May." Just goes to show how time flies ("time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana")