Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Drive to Fort Nelson

Today was a cool, cloudy, rainy day on the road. There is only one road -- the Alaska Highway -- between Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson, our stop for the night, so getting lost is not an option. The road typically looked like this:
But on three occasions, for a about a hundred yards or less, it looked like this:
The bad sections were well marked so John could slow down in time to keep the cupboard reorganization to a minimum.

There was not much to see on this leg of the trip, other than our fellow travelers, trees, and the occasional creek. While moose were supposed to be plentiful, the only one we saw was by the side of the road and quite deceased.

Spaced throughout the drive were places to stop for fuel or lunch -- some were open, some were closed, some had fuel, some had none.

Still, it was exciting to follow such a historic route through the wilderness. At times, you could make out remnants of the original road which has now been paved, straightened, and flattened into a very nice road indeed (if you ignore those few stretches of potholes). The "bible" of the Alaska Highway, "The Milepost," tells us this may change in the near future.

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Dave I said...

Roads have improved greatly since I made the trip in '96. I think I'm going to enjoy traveling with you. Great pictures.