Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zip Line!

This morning John and I flew in a way we have never flown before -- on a zip line!

We met our intrepid guides, Christian and Stash from Alaska Excursions, at a combination zip line/musher camp outside of Dyea.

Here is Christian getting John geared up:

Here is Stash, demonstrating how NOT to gear up (actually I don't remember what he was talking about at this moment!):
John flies:
John flies and lands, caught on video! We got to fly from tree platform to tree platform, over streams and waterfalls, high above the forest floor, spinning and twirling if we felt like it. It was fun being a kid again!
The time on the zip line was over way too fast, and we had a wonderful time. Definitely a bucket-list item. Thanks to everyone who suggested we do this!

We then loaded the rig and car on a ferry to Haines, about an hour's ride away. I have a severe problem with motion sickness, but the water was so smooth I didn't have so much as a quease. Here is John on the ferry:

"Ahoy, Matey!"
We arrived in Haines where we are tired and sore from using muscles we don't normally use in our non-zipline lives, but ecstatic about the view out our front window:
We'll be here through the 4th of July, and, we are told, fireworks will be shot over the water. I can't imagine a more beautiful setting for an Independence Day celebration!

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

You're very brave to go zipping along like that! Enjoy Haines and let us know the best places to park/eat/see. We plan to visit there toward the end of our trip, then take the ferry to Skagway.