Monday, June 13, 2011

Dawson Creek: Mile 0

We made it to Dawson Creek, Mile 0 on the Alaska Highway!

We will be staying here two nights, so the main exploring will happen tomorrow. However, I have 3 observations from today to share:

Observation 1:
It is pointless to go to the neighborhood bar for their Monday night all-you-can-eat halibut and fries special when game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals is on the big screen T.V., and Montreal is playing Boston. (Correction: Vancouver is playing Boston!)

Observation 2:
The road to get here may have been long and winding, but it was also very dusty. Here is a photo I took looking out the windshield of our tow car after we arrived at the campground. We call him "Mr. Toad" -- because he's "towed," and he does sometimes go for a wild ride!

That black thing is the rear view mirror and that darker rectangle is the rig in front of Mr. Toad with a ladder on the back. Here is the car from the outside:
Observation 3:
Dawson Creek's citizens love to do artsy drawings on their buildings. Here are three murals and a painted door. There are many, many, more.
Our campground site is really high in the middle, so we had to put the hump of the hill midway between the front and back tires to get level. The park is weedy and sad, but it is one of the better parks in town -- a town which makes me think "pioneer sensibilities" but with McDonalds and serious tourism thrown in.

The daylight hours are long -- the sun starts to show itself at 3:15 a.m., and isn't fully set until 10:45 p.m., so bedroom shades need to be closed and sometimes a pillow needs to put on top of the head. And Solstice is still about a week away.

But we have reached a milestone!

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chip said...

Thanks for allowing us to travel vicariously thru you!! The art was really cool! Have a GREAT trip!! Chip & Marcy