Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Day in Whitehorse

Here is a photo of the office in our Whitehorse campground:
It is not an impressive office; it is not even a good photo. It was, however, taken just about midnight on the Summer Solstice, without a timed exposure. I was outside in my robe and slippers to see what midnight looked like at 60 degrees north latitude. It looked like an overcast day, which it was. I loved it.

The sky never got any darker than twilight, so the stars never came out. Here is what the sky would have looked like, if I could have seen it:

After we got up this morning, we did more touristy things -- a trip to see the S.S. Klondike, a passenger and freight ship that sailed the Yukon River until the Alaska Highway made it obsolete, an art gallery, and a tour of an extinct copper mine.

Along the way, we saw this motorhome:

It was a type of motorhome I had not seen before, and its plates were French. The owners weren't in the rig, but the the map on the side seemed to tell a story of their travels. Here is the detail showing where they have been (it may be hard to see, but there is a green line around Africa, then a trip across the ocean to South America):
They have a website address shown on the rig's map, and that site has a link to a map of their overall plans to see the world in an RV. There is a link on the site to a different page about their Canadian trip. If your French is as bad as mine, use Google to translate. What an amazing journey this will be!

Some additional things we saw today:

The World's Largest Log Cabin Skyscraper

Tlingit Art: Eagle and Fish

Whitehorse Mural

Tlingit Art: Mask

Tomorrow we will finally reach Alaskan soil in Skagway!

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

We've been to the same places, but you're seeing things we didn't. Thanks for the tour! And isn't the 24-hour daylight (if not sun) amazing?
Happy Solstice.