Monday, June 20, 2011

The Trip to Whitehorse

The day began in pouring rain in Watson Lake, leveled off to a drizzle, and finally cleared up as we got into Whitehorse. Here are today's highlights:

In our quest to find the north-west's best cinnamon roll, we stopped at a rustic cafe that said they had the best. They were wrong -- the previous leader is safe. Our fellow coffee drinkers were a white-haired motorcyclist with "Evangelical," 'People for Jesus," and several crosses embroidered on his jacket, and a trucker, now quite tired of coffee, whose truck broke down yesterday afternoon at 1:00 P.M. and the mechanic he called had still not arrived.

We saw this rig pulling out with a rather unusual tow vehicle. Please feel free to make up your own story of why a motorhome would pull a travel trailer (my guess is the grandkids have their own sleeping quarters):
Since I have known John he has agonized over a missed lunch on his previous trip to Alaska in 2006. He had heard that Mukluk Annie's was "not to be missed," but he had the misfortune to be on this stretch of road on July 1st, Canada Day -- and Mukluk Annie's was closed, as is most of Canada. He carefully planned the trip so we would NOT pass this way on July 1. But alas, history does have a way of repeating itself. This time I think it's permanent.
We visited the Tlingit (pronounced "Klink-it") Heritage Centre, where we saw totems, beaded work, and bags from, shall we say, unusual sources:
We got our first view of the Yukon River:
We saw this guy on the road -- we have no idea who or what he was, but he seemed to be an accomplished walker:
And we ended up at a rustic, but nice RV park run by a Swiss couple, next to a restaurant that specializes in Wienerschnitzle (it was fantastic), and might have an odd inventory control problem at their dump station:
Tomorrow: the touristy side of Whitehorse.


Nancy said...

Life can be so interesting when you stretch outside your comfort zone! These pictures should be shared with the travel channel! They are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog. Loved the sign at the end! Pat

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed "the hose"...attachments.. hahha Boy the owner was Serious indeedy.... The traveling man.. needs a New pair of Shoes..You'll enjoy Whitehorse.