Friday, June 08, 2007


Hot, hazy day today, with temps in the mid-90s. It was also a day for terrapin sightings -- three Diamondback Terrapins, two with barnacles attached. The first two were at a campsite a few down from mine. They were just finishing laying (and covering) their eggs (did they arrive together in some sort of terrapin maternity club?). Then, for one, it was time for her closeup! Isn't she lovely?

The third terrapin was on a path by the salt marsh. I really have no way of knowing if this was a boy terrapin or a girl terrapin -- the fact of egg laying was really the only clue for the first two.

I went down to the beach tonight in the hopes of seeing the space shuttle as it followed the coast on the way to meet with the Space Station. The launch was scheduled for 7:38, and at 7:05 it was still iffy. The problem was the two emergency landing sites in Europe -- they were inaccessible due to weather, and that would scrub the launch.

At launch time, I called Jerry to see if the launch had taken place and it had! I shared the news with a family on the beach, and we all waited the five minutes to see how much of the shuttle flight we could see. It was still light out, and the horizon was very hazy. We did manage to glimpse a flash here and there at the right time, but I can't be sure we really saw it. I came back to the campsite and found a deer grazing just behind the RV.

The beach here is very lovely and perfect for long walks. Not a lot seems to wash up, though. A small shell here and there, but so far nothing of note. And no pelicans! Guess I need to go a bit further south for to see them.

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