Sunday, June 17, 2007

Skeeters and Waves

Remember the "how many can you find" games you played as a kid? Today's game is, "how many mosquitos can you find in this picture?" (click for larger image)

I found 35 -- can you find them all?

The mosquitos are certainly bad now that they have hatched, but to balance things somewhat, the beach is wonderful and there are no mosquitos there.

I sat in the surf for quite a while today, enjoying the experience of feeling an
enormous undercurrent from the last wave pulling underneath me as it moved back to the sea, while at the same time the rush of the
oncoming wave breaking over me.
Standing tended to be a bit disorienting -- water was going in at least two directions (and sometimes sideways, too) and it became dizzying -- but a fine way to get away from the skeeters for a bit.

I saw four dolphins playing in the surf, and they came to within 50 feet of the beach. They had quite a cheering section!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Love the hat!!! It is SO you, girl. Next time, smile when you aim that camera!!

O. B. Sirius said...

Would you be smiling with all those skeeters around you?