Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Mid-June Assateague Tale

The morning broke like so many others near the water -- a gray, even sky, seagulls circling in large, purposeful loops, and the smell of the ocean wafting gently across the marsh.

She made the day’s first coffee and sipped it absentmindedly as she made the bed, got dressed, and ate breakfast. Soon it was time to head out to the dunes.

She had her choice of parking places in the lot as the only other people up and about were fishermen getting ready to drive into the “Over Sand Vehicle Use” area. Their fishing gear tied to the back of their 4x4 SUVs and trucks, they lined up along the side of the road to let the air pressure in their tires down to the required 15 psi before driving into the rutted sand to find “their” spot on the beach.

She parked, grabbed her gear, and began walking towards the dunes.

All of a sudden, she stopped and listened intently. What had she heard? The only sound now was the pounding of surf and the occasional call of a gull or willet. “Must be my imagination,” she thought as she began walking again.

There it was again! “What IS that sound?” she said to herself. Now it was closer. She thought she could almost make out the source of what was now a sort of humming noise, but then the sound was lost to the breeze blowing gently over the dunes. “Creepy,” she thought.

She started off again, this time picking up her pace and glancing over her shoulder every few steps. The sound was definitely getting louder, she thought. She walked faster, but the sound grew and grew until she knew it was gaining on her.

It was so loud now, she could hardly think. Should she run? Should she turn and fight? How much time did she have to decide, really? Seconds? Certainly not even a minute. It was loud and raucous now, and sounded more and more like a buzz saw. Various horror movies moved through her mind, but she willed them away. It was moving towards her fast. Too fast. And with a purpose.

She turned to face the inevitable. “Oh My GAWD!!!” she screamed as she came face to face with…

The Hatching.

After waiting patiently for the wetter weather to arrive, their time had come. They’re here. They’re real. And they want blood.

Soon to be a major motion picture.

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