Monday, June 18, 2007

Goodbye to Assateague

This is my final day on Assateague. Tomorrow I will go back to Central Maryland to take care of some business, and then I'll be off to... Pennsylvania, I think, to the Amish country near Lancaster.

Except for the mosquitoes and the ticks, Assateague is a fantastic place to spend a few lazy summer weeks. There is peacefulness and serenity here, but activity and action just down the road in Ocean City if you want a more "cosmopolitan" adventure. The environment here will fill you with wonder and awe -- from the sea birds and crabs in the salt marsh to the indescribable grandeur of the surf and sand at the beach. I have seen Whitetail Deer, Sika Deer, wild horses, rabbits, ibis, heron, Diamondback Terrapin (and their newly hatched babies), snapping turtles, crabs, and dolphin. What an amazing show from Mother Nature!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. I have loved it all*.

* FYI, the term "all" does NOT include ticks and mosquitoes. Period.

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