Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ponies To The Right, Ponies to the Left

I left the RV around 5:30 this afternoon to go for a walk. As I started down the road that goes through the campground, I was stopped in my tracks by five ponies entering the campground.

Now we are not allowed to "approach" any wildlife, especially ponies. They were blocking the road, and I couldn't get around them without approaching them. So I waited, and soon they ambled on to the campsite in the center of the loop.
The people at this site did nothing to encourage them and did not feed them, but they sure had a lot of horse visitors!

After they passed through the campsites, I walked down the road to the beach, less than a quarter mile away. When I got to the place where the road intersects the walkway to the beach, I saw that there was a herd of ten ponies blocking the way there! Cars were stopped as the ponies strolled across the road. This time I managed to get around them without "approaching" them.

The walk on the beach was very nice, and as I started home I discovered that my way was once again blocked by three ponies! I managed to get by them, and now I know a prime pony-viewing time at Assateague.

(I also did laundry and grocery shopping today. Laundromats are everything I remember them being)


Mary Persall and Jerry Persall said...

Mary and I want to know if you took the picture of the pelicans? Also I see you have pics within text; I didn't know you could do that. It's cool! Keep the DEET handy.
Mary and Jerry

O. B. Sirius said...

Yes, I took all the pictures -- guess I should say so. I'll put a comment about that on the site.